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Belinda Haggard


Personal Life | My parents and grandparents were born in Georgia, but my home has been Texas since 1994.  My father was a logical engineer who loved puzzles and questions.  He taught me to ask good questions, and to seek truth.  I was 13 when he passed away, but my children have inherited his strength of character and love of life.

My family has been serving at Bannockburn Baptist Church for many years.  We have all been performers in The Singing Christmas Tree (my husband played grown-up Jesus) and we volunteer in the nursery.  Our children work with the special needs ministry and were active in the youth group.   I am also the AWANA Cubbies storyteller.

At home, we have a twenty (yes, 20!) year old cat named Kitty Meow, and a little dog named Pongo.  They both enjoy listening to the piano when I teach lessons.  We are also active with the Boy Scouts and a Venturing Crew.  

Education | I went to Shorter College in Rome, Georgia.  It is a small Baptist school, now a university, and it is where I determined that being a teacher was my calling.  I received a B.S. in General Studies- education, music, and English.  I was unsure of my path, but was eager to travel!  I moved to Houston and began work as a Montessori teaching assistant.  Meanwhile, I married my high school sweetheart, a graduate from Rice University.   We joined a wonderful church that “adopted” us and taught us life lessons about marriage and parenting, with joy!

As our children grew, I developed and taught my own Musical Beginnings class for grammar school.  When “my” campus relocated, I applied for, and was offered, the position of music teacher at my church home.  

A Note from Belinda | I am thrilled to continue the good work that BCA has begun.  I am eager to share the language of music with your children.  God has given us ways beyond words to express ourselves.  Music can be a prayer, a praise, a cry, an emotion; it can be a passionate, a playful, or a joyful noise.  In the music classroom, we will learn to communicate in this universal language that God has given us.  

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