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Who is L&L Catering? L&L Catering was created ten years ago by two Christian parents who saw the need for an improved school lunch program. Catering to schools is our ministry. Our goal is to provide high quality, well balanced, nutritious meals in a hygienic environment with friendly, personalized service. Through our original organization and our newest affiliate, L&L-C Catering, we now provide meals to several private schools in the Greater Austin area. Our menus have been approved by a professional nutritionist. 

What is the Cost? We base our prices on the complete meal (entrée, a side, one time Salad Bar and drink). Meals are pre-ordered and pre-paid by the month. This enables proper planning, meal availability and the conservation of resources. Students and parents may view the menus and choose in advance the days they wish to participate in the program. You can place your order via the order form link above, or by visiting (Password: BCA98). Ordering online requires payment via credit card and is subject to a credit card service fee. The price per lunch is listed below.

  • Pre-K and Kinder: $5.00
  • 1st through 5th$5.50
  • Late order: $6.50

Each Complete Lunch Meal | Includes a hot entrée** (you can often choose from two options), a vegetable or a fruit, lemonade or water PLUS your student may serve themselves once from the Salad Bar. 

Pizza Days: (Fridays) Includes pizza, pasta and extended salad bar comprise the meal for these days. Since this is an outsourced item, we will limit the portions for the children. 

What if my Child Forgets their Lunch or Wants to Buy Lunch only that day? The student will get a hot lunch that day. L&L Catering will bill the parents. Parents need to pay balance due within 7 days. The charge for meals ordered after the due date is $6.50.

Absence Policy | L&L Catering buys food and prepares fresh hot lunches on a daily basis for the number of students signed up in advance. We cannot reimburse for missed meals. However, if a child misses several consecutive days due to illness, parents can e-mail and explain the situation during the child being absent and we may credit those missed days to the next academic month. Other issues might warrant a lunch credit and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Field Trip Policy | L&L Catering will credit the parents a hot lunch meal on another day in the same month. Parents can choose another day that they would like their child to eat. 

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