Pieces of the BCA Puzzle

Posted on November 10, 2015 in Bible, Character.

The school office is a very busy place. It is where families have their first interaction with BCA. It is where students come if they need help or feel bad. Teachers come to get information or supplies. Parents come by to get answers to questions or to just visit. Jackets and water bottles come here to find their owners. It is a busy place.

As I sit at my desk in this office, I have a great view of the different pieces of the BCA puzzle. One part is the parent. Parents come to the front door at all times of the day. Some have a special way of entering which always gives me a laugh. (You know who you are!) These adults can be zany, but they have servant hearts. The varying gifts shared with our school are invaluable.

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A school and class without a leader would be chaos. That’s why we have a principal and teachers. I see them as the sides of the puzzle keeping the loose pieces from spilling out. Teachers spend a lot of time preparing lessons, organizing experiments, deciphering handwriting, and praying for the children in their classrooms. Our principal educates herself to be a better leader, answers so very many questions, and supports all of us in every way she possibly can.

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Every parent who comes into the school is looking for one thing – a safe place for the student they love to enter and receive an education in a loving, Christian environment. These students are the best part of the puzzle making up our school. They want to learn and wiggle and please and laugh and question and wiggle some more. They put the joy in my day.

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God is involved here, too. His hand created each individual and brought them together at this time in this place. He is moving the loose pieces around to their proper place. The amazing thing is that the image on our puzzle was known by God from the very beginning.

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Each day I look forward to seeing each new section being completed. With the amazing people God has brought together I can’t help but believe it will be a masterpiece.

Kim Graham, Administrative Assistant

2 Comments on “Pieces of the BCA Puzzle”

  1. Greg November 10th, 2015 1:46 pm

    Just one more piece, the humble administrative assistant. She works long after she leaves school, answers 5:00 am texts, and makes sure all the pieces stay in place, working for His good. But most of all she loves all the pieces.

  2. Vanessa November 20th, 2015 3:25 pm

    Kim, thank you for sharing. What an amazing way to show the love we have at this great school!

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