Learning Through Exploration

Posted on April 27, 2016 in First Grade, Science, STEM.

Throughout the year, our 1st grade students have had many opportunities to learn through exploration. Children love to explore their world around them and to make connections from what they are learning about, to the real world.

I was reminded of this, as we have been learning about Force and Motion last week and this week. First, students learned about how objects move, by force, which is the pushing or pulling of an object. Students were given a ball and challenged to explore different ways, with their partner, to move their ball and record it. Then they loved sharing their findings with their friends!

We then explored the force of gravity by building marble mazes and watching the marble travel from a higher position to a lower position. There were 3 different types of mazes to explore with. We then built our own ramps with blocks and tubes and experimented with what may happen when we change the incline of the ramp. They explored the question, “Do the cars travel faster or slower?”

Brady Donovan Marble Maze Mackenzie & Clayton Manolo and Daniel Maureen and Brownlee Pierson and Riley Riley & Pierson Marble Maze

The students also enjoyed exploring the force of magnetism. They tried out different kinds of magnets with different kinds of materials to see which items were magnetic. They also explored how same poles repel and opposite poles attract.

IMG_3359 IMG_3353 IMG_3350

We culminated our Force and Motion unit with an Egg Drop Experiment, where students and their parents created a safety box for an egg, so that it won’t crack when dropped from the top of the playground.

IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3372

Our 1st graders loved learning about Force and Motion, through hands-on exploration!

– Melissa Davis, First Grade Teacher

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