Fees & Tuition / Grant & Aid

Below are Fees & Tuition amounts for BCA families...

New Student Application FeeA one-time, non-refundable application fee of $175 is due with new student application. Fee is for NEW enrollees only.  The process for applying is easy. Click Apply Here for details. 

Family Visit | Your parent interview and student assessment, also known as your Family Visit, will be scheduled after BCA receives your completed application and New Student Application Fee.

Enrollment Deposit | New and returning students, by electronically signing your Enrollment, you are consenting to BCA drafting the family’s total Enrollment Deposit (10% of the Enrollment Tuition) from your FACTS account. This fee is non-refundable.

New Student Sibling Discount | Upon the enrollment of your first child, you will receive a 10% discount for your second child, a 15% discount for your third and each additional child enrolled.  

General Tuition | Tuition is payable by a one-time or monthly payment. 

  • Pre-K (3-Day) | $6,000
  • Pre-K (5-Day) | $7,500
  • Kindergarten | $7,500
  • 1st - 5th Grade | $9,400

One-Time General Tuition Payment | To receive your one-time payment discount of $300, you MUST remit payment via FACTS or check within 7 days of receiving your Tuition Contract. Priority period ends 1/15/18.  One-time payments cannot be combined with financial aid. A one-time payment can be made with check or by setting up a one-time draft with FACTS. Your one-time payment tuition would be:

  • Pre-K (3-Day) | $5,700
  • Pre-K (5-Day) | $7,200
  • Kindergarten | $7,200
  • 1st - 5th Grade | $9,100

Monthly Payment Plan | An interest-free monthly payment plan is offered to families at no additional cost. Tuition payments will run from date of enrollment through January 2018. Monthly payments MUST be made using FACTS Tuition Management.

FACTS | FACTS Tuition Management makes it easy for families to pay for tuition and incidental fees with the click of a button. FACTS will draft monthly tuition payments from your bank account, as well as incidental fee such as Field Trips, After School Clubs, School Events, and more! BCA requires ALL families to sign up with FACTS.

Grant & Aid | Tuition Grant and Aid is available through FACTS Tuition Management.  See the FACTS Grant and Aid flyer below.  The financial aid application fee is $30.  Families cannot combine a one-time payment discount with Financial Aid. 

F.I.T. Kids | The F.I.T. Kids programs – After School and Summer Camp – are NOT included in tuition.


FACTS Grant and Aid Information: Download
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