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Bringing STEM to the Garden...


Using a garden to enrich student learning helps make science, technology, engineering, and math - STEM - real! Children receive great content information and academic practice when they read articles about science topics and complete math assignments, but we can give students an extra edge by providing them with opportunities to physically apply what they have learned about in the classroom to their life.

Gardening with students is a fun way to help them develop creative and critical thinking skills. A garden can reinforce a student's understanding of environments, life cycles, and weather. Gardening can teach the life skills of patience and responsibility. Overall, a garden can:

  1. Provide multiple opportunities for students to practice and enrich academic concepts.
  2. Promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable practices.
  3. Demonstrate principles of stewardship.
  4. Encourage community.
  5. Develop students socially, instilling in them a sense of place.

A study from Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Learning Through the Garden, shows that gardens can function as living laboratories. Students who participate in gardening have a considerable increase in grade point average, utilize new learning styles, and develop their perspectives and ways of learning to incorporate critical 21st-century skills such as "curiosity, flexibility, open-mindedness, informed skepticism, creativity, and critical thinking."

All parents and family members are welcome to come GROW with our students and staff! Below is a list of items our students will be growing this year:

  • Pre-K | Lettuce, butterfly plants
  • Kindergarten | Cabbage, mint, carrots, butterfly plants
  • 1st Grade | snap peas, broccoli, strawberries
  • 2d Grade | snap beans, spinach, okra
  • 3rd Grade | Radishes, carrots, blanket flower
  • 4th Grade | Broccoli, kale, turnips, parsley, pumpkins, watermelon, canteloupe
  • 5th Grade | Mustard, Irish potatoes

The gardening community meets on the first Saturday of every month at first light until 11:00 AM. If you would like to volunteer in the garden, email Mrs. Graham at or call 512-892-2706.

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