Here's what to expect in Kindergarten


Welcome to Kindergarten! We are excited you are considering BCA's Kindergarten program! As you know, this will begin your child's formal education. At BCA we know every child enters Kindergarten with differences in their abilities and skills. This is normal and to be expected. Our desire is for everyone to succeed! As a BCA Kindergarten student, your child will experience great success in our program if they begin with certain foundational essentials such as the ones listed below.

Recognizing Alphabet | It is of utmost importance that your child can identify/name (recognize in random order) all alphabet letters, both capital and lowercase.

Letter Sounds | In addition to potential kindergarten students being able to name the letters of the alphabet, all students entering kindergarten at BCA must know/be able to make the phonetic sound for each of the alphabet letters.

Counting | Students are expected to be able to count orally to 31.  They are already ahead of the game if they can count to 100 correctly.

Identifying Numerals | Children entering kindergarten at BCA must be able to name the numerals 1 to 31 - in random order.  Even better if you can work with your child to be able to recognize and call out all numbers up to 100 - in random order.

Knowing Left from Right | Many children are confused with this skill but it is so essential to everything we do in Kindergarten! The easiest way to teach your child which is which would be to continuously ask him which hand he writes/colors with and get him to answer you by: raising that hand and naming which is left or right. You might have him wear a bracelet or band on his “writing wrist” for several days in a row and further drill them on left and right. 

Name Writing | Students are expected to be able to write his/her name beginning with a capital letter.  The other letters in his/her name are expected to be written in lowercase letters.  

Use of Scissors | Students are expected to have learned to place fingers in the appropriate holes and to cut in the proper direction: away from the body. Cut pictures from magazines for practice.

Snack/Lunch Items | It is essential that students have prior experience opening /closing any/all possible lunch items to get used to doing it for themselves. Plastic containers, zip lock bags, snack packaging, drink boxes/pouches, etc.  Teachers will assist, but our goal is for Kindergarteners to become as capable as possible.

Dressing Skills | Your child will need to be able to: tuck shirt in, buckle/unbuckle own belt, tie/untie own shoes, button/unbutton own pants/sweater/coat/etc. Practice, practice, practice!

Naming Colors | Your child is expected to know the eight basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and brown.

Knowing Birthday | Month and date. 

Knowing Telephone Number(s)

Knowing Full Home Address 

Attention Span | Your child will need to be able to sit quietly and stay focused for appropriate periods of time. Practice this skill at the dinner table, in the car, or wherever it works for you. Take turns talking/listening and being still/being active for short periods of time – use a timer on one or two minutes at a time. 

Following Directions | Your child should be able to follow verbal directions when given. Students will be taught to “freeze” and look directly at the teacher’s face when: student’s name is called and anytime the teacher addresses the class. 

Separation | Your child will need to be able to separate easily from parents and enter the classroom by himself beginning the 2nd day of school. Emotional adjustments will be easier for your child if you will prepare them by rehearsing at home: create a pretend scenario and practice saying good-bye and walking away (into another room).  

The more of these skills your child has mastered prior to entering Kindergarten, the easier the adjustment will be.

Here are a few links to help you and your student prepare for Kindergarten: | | | | | | |


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