1st - 4th Grade

Here's What to Expect in 1st - 4th Grade

Students 1st to 4th grade receive Bible-based instruction in Language Arts (reading and writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible principles. To promote a mastery of core area skills, Bannockburn Christian Academy provides instructional time for science, social studies, and Bible daily. 

Even though the national average for Math and Language Arts (reading and writing) is 45 minutes, BCA believes these skills are the foundation for your students success in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as the rest of their adult lives. With that in mind, BCA provide students with 90 minutes of daily instructional learning in these areas.

In addition to providing strong core area instruction, BCA offers enrichment experiences in Art, Physical Education, and Library skills. Elementary students will have the opportunity to rotate through enrichment experiences daily. 

At Bannockburn Christian Academy, we focus on meeting each student on their academic level. Unlike traditional teaching, BCA offers students and teachers many tools to help students succeed and excel at their current ability level.

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