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Values are a fundamental component of the personality, behavior, and character of every human being. In the case of children, the earlier principles and values are introduced into their lives; the more robust the basis will be for these principles to be part of the way of leading their adult behaviors, attitudes, and experiences.

The world of today reflects the lack of principles and values everywhere. Evidence of violence, hatred, homosexuality, abortions, family separations is part of the daily life of humanity. The departure from biblical principles is evident. The best gift you can give your children is to teach them to center their lives on Christ. The Gospel will provide stability and happiness their lives need.

But not all responsibility for the formation of children corresponds to the parents. The other fundamental component of infant education is school. The child is the result of shared responsibility of parents, mentors, and teachers. For this reason, the selection of an appropriate institute such as BCA, the best of the Austin Texas private schools is something transcendental in the lives of your children.

Each stage of formation of a human being fulfills a different task. In the case of primary education, the foundations of children's talents, abilities, personality, discernment, and perspective begin to be formed.

From the conventional point of view, these are aspects that children develop:

Management of concepts

Development of skills and abilities



However, when children attend a school centered on Christ as BCA, in addition to these aspects, and the values of friendship, companionship, kindness, and solidarity, other principles and values are developed, those that are reflected in the sacred scriptures. Jesus himself proposes in the Gospel those values that a good Christian should practice; these are some of them:

Love of God and Love of neighbor

Demonstrate the love of neighbor with works of mercy

Love the enemy and those who wish evil

The forgiveness

The Solidarity

Equality and human dignity

Also, through the beatitudes, Jesus teaches how the good Christian should live, fostering humility, simplicity, compassion, work for justice, being merciful, cleanliness of heart and peaceful behavior. The person who learns to live by the ways of the Lord learns to practice this value system actively.

However, learning to live centered on Christ goes further. Being a good Christian is not just about good deeds, but about living a lifestyle that goes in the ways of Jesus. This implies having certain attitudes in life and living based on Christ. To these attitudes, the Christians call them virtues. These are some of them:










The vision of Bannockburn Christian Academy aims to guide the generations to become passionate learners through Christ-centered education. As part of this formation, these principles and values that Jesus gives, and the biblical word fosters. BCA is the best among the Austin Texas private schools and will allow your children to be formed with an excellent academic level, and with a vision of life centered on the Lord. Contact Us.

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